Saving for Juan Estrada later.

So there’s nothing, absolutely nothing that pisses me off more about politics than people (mostly leftist Democrats) using tactics like doing something bad under the banner of virtue.

Tonight I had a run-in with a guy named Juan Estrade, who’s been on my radar for the last couple of years. I’d toss him in the category of “Political Groupie” You’ve seen them, they volunteer for every politicians event, show up, get pictures with them, tag them on facebook trying to impress other people by trying to show that they know these people that wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

I sort of fell into the same trap a few years back, when I wised up. That is MY SPARE TIME. GO CONVINCE SOME OTHER DUNCE THAT KEEPING YOU EMPLOYED IS GOING TO SAVE THE WORLD.

Enough yelling though.

Juan’s been hot on the Board of Supervisors tail trying to get fame, and hopefully get them to elect him at some point. I know how this is played. He’s joined some organization called “Green Foothills” which is basically a who’s who of Karens and other political groupies.

Lately though Juan has been trying to convince people that he’s got a “centrist” attitude towards one hot topic, the closure of Reid Hillview airport.

Somehow Juan’s managed to become an admin of the San Jose East Side leadership group on facebook. My own interest in East side matters goes without saying, it’s where the Cortese family is from. As far as Reid Hillview, it never bothered me through the 70’s growing up in Evergreen with my dad, or in the 80’s living next to the San Jose Country club with my grandma. Planes flew overhead ALL THE TIME. I thought they were neat. It was that inspiration that lead me to pursuit studying flight for a time in my life.

Me and some friend slope gliding, it’s like surfing in the sky

Besides flying model gliders, I also have about 8 hours of flight instruction behind the yoke. At the time I couldn’t afford to continue the classes, but it was an experience that I felt bettered me as a person.

Intellectually, it gave me a solid understanding of radios and electronics. I learned the science behind flight mechanics, COG, control surfaces, various types of air currents (Like slope lift, thermals)

For my soul though… It expanded my consciousness in a way that made me feel like I was one with the world. I think the best analogy would be Edgar Mitchel when he was looking back at Earth from the surface of the moon, and I quote “You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, “Look at that, you son of a bitch.”

The only thing that has even come close to touching my soul that way is sailing, which is where I ended up since it crosses pretty much the same domains as flight, but not nearly as expensive.

Back to this guys nonsense though. Tonight he called me out. “”I DARE YOU TO FIND WHERE I POSTED I WAS AGAINST THE AIRPORT!”” (double quotes for paraphrasing, he didn’t really say that, close but not quite)

I had no issue, no issue at all finding articles where he slammed the airport. What I will say about him in light of this is, he’s either a liar, or has dementia as severe as Joe Biden. This campaign to close the airport will forever follow and dash whatever hopes he has of running for public office.


  1. This fag literally wrote a script and forced his daughter to recite it for his own personal gain, the dude is already a conniving F- politician. The dude started berating me in my DMS thinking I was attempting to vie for his position or something.

    1. Thanks for being the first person ever to reply on my site. I wouldn’t get too upset by him, San Jose’s political climate have created a million Juan’s. What’s really sad is I found a post from him in 2015 where he was promoting an air show at RHV, my guess is he got some attention by Chavez or some other BOS and just started towing the party line. Lame.

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