The facebook fuckery gets more fucked….

It’s funny, I actually have several friends that worked at Facebook. A long time ago I used to run a video stream out of the karaoke bar I worked at (2004ish) on Winamps video platform. An acquaintance I had (Chris Putnam) ran GSBTV, an offshoot of the somethingawful forums called Goon Squad Broadcasting something? He basically got hired for hacking facebook, here’s a story on it.

I tried to get in on the ground floor. In a really odd twist of fate, a skank we had 86’d from the bar for stealing from us was banging my interviewer, so no I didn’t get the job. (I know this because the interviewer specifically asked me if I knew her) She was like super skank… She had an 8 year old kid at the time she’d leave home alone while she went to the bar to fill the void in her soul with any penis that would dare to go there. Later she was dating a guy 30 years younger, and would often leave him at the house with the kid.

Anyways, something really strange is happening on Facebook. I’ll enable other comment API’s today, I thought it was easy as hitting a checkbox, but apparently there’s a lot of work to do. Maybe later when I get home from work.

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