Pfizer shot, made from the skulls of 1000 unbaptized babies.

So today I was talking to someone close to me about COVID, vaccines (should be called mRNA therepy, but that’s another discussion) when they pivoted to say Trump’s treatments were made with fetal stem cells.

Personally, I don’t have an issue with fetal stem cells depending on how they were harvested.

Placenta and umbilical cord = GOOD
Sold out the back door of abortion clinics = BAD

I absolutely have no issue with abortion clinics either. Here are some good reasons to get one.

  • Financially you cannot afford to raise a child
  • You are emotionally unfit to raise a child
  • A child will be neglected somehow if you’re raising it
  • You didn’t want to get pregnant
  • You life or the Childs life is in danger

I think the above 5 pretty much cover any and all reasons women get abortions. That’s OK. Please, save the rest of us from having to support your ill-adjusted offspring for the rest of their lives.

Let’s go back to the Good/Bad part in the beginning, but just the Bad part.

One of the things not advertised much in the world of abortion is ancillary income from selling biohazard material. Aka aborted parts. This article goes into great details about the prices. Below an image from the article.


As you can see from the above, they fetch a pretty nice price on the research market. Now while fetal stem cell research has been banned, the loophole here is biohazard waste has not. To this day abortion clinics across the US deal in these parts. This is something I take issue with, because it makes the entire premise of “For womens reproductive health” insincere in the face of profit. Biohazard like this should never be for sale.

Here’s where we get to part of the title of this post. Project Veritas got ahold of some of the internal emails at Pfizer. You can read all about it here, but some of the juicier quotes.

  • Vanessa Gelman, Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research: “From the perspective of corporate affairs, we want to avoid having the information on fetal cells floating out there…The risk of communicating this right now outweighs any potential benefit we could see, particularly with general members of the public who may take this information and use it in ways we may not want out there. We have not received any questions from policy makers or media on this issue in the last few weeks, so we want to avoid raising this if possible.”
  • Gelman: “We have been trying as much as possible to not mention the fetal cell lines…One or more cell lines with an origin that can be traced back to human fetal tissue has been used in laboratory tests associated with the vaccine program.”

Granted it’s not just stem cells that were used here, but bits and pieces of other fetus parts. Stem cells were used to test getting the body to produce the antibodies, and normal tissue was used to test the reaction.

Right now there’s sort of a war going on between people that think Pfizers and other companies mRNA therapies should be mandatory, and people that feel it should be a personal choice. We’re getting all kinds of people stating that they should be exempt based on religious or medical reasons.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve had 2 sessions with the Pfizer, felt sick as hell taking it, and I am not planning on getting a booster. After about 9 months, my body is feeling OK again. I don’t feel like I need to push that on other people though. It should be a personal choice. My friend I talked about earlier? Got their booster a few days ago and has been a train wreck of aches, pains, fever, chills, and illness. No thank you.

Oh, and the other part of the title for this? Where this saga ended up reminded me of a song from an old punk band called Dr. Know, title of the song is “Black throne of doom” There’s one line in the song that goes, “HIS WALLPAPERS IS THE SKULLS OF A THOUSAND UNBAPTIZED BABIES!” For some reason I just found it fitting.

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