Let’s go Brandon

So it all started with a video

Brandon Brown at NASCAR

The reporter covering the story kept getting drowned out by fans screaming, “FUCK JOE BIDEN!”

It’s NASCAR, of course they’re going to scream that.

Well the reporter obviously frustrated decided to pivot and tell Brandon they were screaming, “Let’s go Brandon” instead of “Fuck Joe Biden” You can see the look of disbelief in Brandon’s face as she said that. This was the straw that broke the camels back for many on the fence about Joe Biden and the Media.

This was exactly what the right wing conspiracy nuts were talking about. The media was willfully, and purposely misreporting events surrounding this presidency to cast it in a positive light, and without too much of a stretch of the imagination, were misreporting Trump’s presidency. (And if you can’t see that, you lack any kind of imagination) This was more than just an honest mistake that could be taken care of with a redaction the next day. This was manipulation, the likes of which had been predicted in the book 1984.

Maybe it wasn’t the level of lizard people at the center of the earth, but it caused many people on both the right and left to realize that the enemy wasn’t across the aisle, but rather behind the camera.

In the weeks to follow “Let’s Go Brandon” became many things, but mostly a war cry for those wishing the media would again report unbiased facts. Lawmakers started wearing “Let’s Go Brandon” Masks.

GOP rep. wears 'Let's go Brandon' mask on House floor with not-so-secret  message - CNN Video
South Carolina Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan cheers on Brandon

2 different rap artists put the chant to beats, and the song propelled itself to the top of the iTunes charts ahead of Adele and other mainstream artist.

Salty leftists trying to cling to relevancy

People that are crying like in the image above don’t get it. They still think this is something about Trump vs Biden, or Vaxxers vs Anti-Vaxxers. Sure, that’s a part of it, but then you check the #letsgobrandonchallenge hashtag on youtube and it’s obvious that people are coming out of the woodwork for this.

I think a lot of people are failing to see the failings of this administration. They’re failing to see the draconian removal of certain inalienable rights we have as Americans. They’re doubling down on their argument in the hopes they’re going to win, but slowly it’s becoming to light that these people are currently the loudest, but the people fed up with Bidens administration are the most populous, and it would seem now is the time they’re making their voices heard.

Personally I like the above version best.

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