Buy a man eat fish, the day, teach man, to a life time

It’s no secret to my friends I’m really unhappy about our current president. I feel like he’s a demented sock puppet who’s cronies helped steal an election. It’s shameful what’s happened to this country.

What’s even more shameful though is how tech companies (looking at you facebook/twitter) have used their platforms to manipulate the public at large. Today’s example. I posted this picture.

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'BUY A MAN EAT FISH, THE DAY, TEACH MAN, TO LIFE TIME. JOE BIDEN.'

It’s a joke, but it was fact checked. It’s one of those things I wish I had screenshotted in the moment but the fact check was along the lines of, “In your photo you have a man wearing a shirt. THAT’S FALSE”

A. Yes, that’s a man wearing a shirt.
B. This shirt is available on Amazon.

Later when I went back, Facebooks notice said something along the lines of, “Oh well, ya, Joe Never said that!”

It’s been fairly well proven that Facebook and other social media sites are nothing but dopamine farms. People get off on the likes/comments. Dopamine is addictive. Facebook is nothing more than a dope pusher, and if you don’t go out prostituting for Joe, you won’t be allowed to comment. Lucky for me my brain produces sufficient dopamine on it’s own. Fuck off facebook.

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